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Community Weeknote 001

Friday Lunch With Friends

It took me more time to decide how to number this “weeknote” than it did to write the whole thing! I started something similar on my own blog in February 2020 and then… So this is just a quick note of the Community Work highlights of the week ending 3rd September 2021.

First some administrative detail – with the introduction of Friday Lunch With Friends I’ve shifted my time in church around. You can now expect to see me on Monday morning, all day Wednesday and all day Friday.

Sunflower Café is feeling lively again. We had one new person last week and a new couple this week. We’re gearing up to restart Singing For The Mind as soon as we can – I saw that the Fleet group is starting to meet in person again.

The Christmas Tree Festival Planning Committee met for the first time to start kicking off our preparations for December. The things that are dominating my attention in there are helping Alison with a “Crafting For Christmas” event and herding cats around the new (not quite formed yet) Community Theatre group who will be putting on a pantomime in the last week before Christmas (Oh yes, they will! etc.)

If you want to be part of the Theatre group, talk to me or Wayne, we’ll be getting some meetings/rehearsals together soon.

Stuff we get rid of and stuff we use to build community – I’m thinking a lot at the moment about how you build community connections out of the stuff you have lying around – a couple of examples recently have been repairing old computers and re-using waste paper and plastic for craft work, but then last week it turned out that we could connect people through their interest in an old box that had started life transporting cans of Heinz Spaghetti, so you never know – it’s hard in church because there are lots of things that could just get stuck here for ever, but finding new homes for these things can be a community-building action in itself.

Friday Lunch With Friends is an open table for sharing food together at the end of the week. A way of building some relationships between all of the groups who do something in our space. We won’t be catering every week, instead I’m suggesting that people bring something they like to eat and a little extra to share. We did our first one today – that’s a picture from it above! It went really well and we had some good and inspiring conversation as well as filling our tums. Drop in at church, any Friday between 12 and 2pm. The last Friday of each month will be a bit more formal and catered for our Older friends in the style of the long-running (until COVID) Lunch Club.

I’m gearing up my search for volunteers (advertising with VASW has been quite successful recently) particularly someone to help cook for perhaps 20-30 people on the last Friday of each month.

Film (and TV?) Club is returning. We have a new volunteer, James, who’s keen to show films regularly and involve everyone in creating the programme. He’s also a bit of a buff when it comes to Cult TV from the 60s & 70s so there maybe some interesting TV screenings too.

Jen Clay from Oakleaf happened to come in at lunchtime and wanted to remind us both about their Safe Haven for anyone in mental health crisis *and* Jonny Hennessy-Brown’s Coffee Concert at church in October.

Oh, and last week I updated the Community Worker events page which includes a PDF version that you can print out and share with people if they’re not online.

If any of these pique your interest and you want to know more, do get in touch.


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