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We’re all hopeful that we’ll be able to do things in Church, both as a congregation and with other members of our community before too long, including all the things that we used to do together.  In the meantime, I want to make the most of the online technology that you’ve all embraced so heartily to establish some activities that I hope we can carry on once we can meet face to face again.

I’ve chosen Tuesday and Thursday afternoons starting at 2pm. I’ll be at all of them, but you don’t have to feel obliged to come to any at all. Please take what you like and leave the rest – and if there’s something else that you’d like me to organise in addition, please let me know.

I’ll be hosting: Craft Circle for people to chat about making things, while making things; a Book Club for those who don’t already have enough reading in their lives; Keeping Going for people whose working life has been disrupted by the pandemic; a TED Circle, discussing “ideas worth sharing”; and Unhurried Conversations where we get the chance to talk and listen to each other more carefully.

Craft Circle – monthly – third Thursdays for an hour – first one March 18th
An open get together for people of all ages, skills and experience. We won’t discriminate according to craft either – we already know some knitters, quilters and cross-stitchers but everyone is welcome. Bring something to work on or ask advice about you’ll be welcome to share your progress with the group or just sit quietly and get on with it.

Register for the Craft Circle Zoom Here

Book Club – last Thursday of the month for an hour – first one March 25th
For anyone who doesn’t already have enough book clubs and reading in their lives! At our first meeting we’ll have a chat about how we want to run things and choose a first book together – bring along your suggestions

Register for the Book Club Zoom Here

In addition, I’ll be continuing with the groups I’ve started recently:

Keeping Going – fortnightly for an hour on Tuesdays – next one March 16th
I shall also be hosting fortnightly informal spaces for local people whose working lives have been disrupted by the pandemic, helping each other to “keep going” as we find our way back to whatever the new normal might be.

Register for Keeping Going Here

Unhurried Conversations – monthly on a Tuesday when there’s nothing else, for an hour and a half – Next one March 23rd
Monthly, on the Tuesday that’s left, I’ll host another Unhurried Conversation using the format from – it’s a bit different from the usual chat where we can spend more time worrying about how we’ll get heard than in listening to everyone else.

We use a simple process to make sure when one person speaks, everyone else listens, so the speaker is not interrupted. Sometimes there are long pauses between speakers, sometimes not. The conversations often move between light topics and more personal and profound ones. And in the end, we often find that all these are connected.

Register for Unhurried Conversations Here

And then there’s another new one:

TED Circle – last Tuesday of the month for an hour and a half – first one March 30th
TED started out as a conference, but now describes itself as “devoted to ideas worth spreading” – there are thousands of these short TED talks (10-20 mins each) available for free on YouTube.

Each month, TED Circles around the world focus on a common theme. In March the theme is “Consumption – what is your part in it?” – we’ll watch Aparna Mehta’s 2018 talk (it’s only 8 minutes long!) about some unintended consequences of our reliance on online shopping and then think together about how this touches us locally and what we might choose to do about it.

Register for our TED Circle Here

Remember that all of these events are open to anyone, not just members of the church. Bring a friend… bring two!



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